CDM Advisor

HSS Health & Safety Service have been involved with many small to large construction projects as a CDM Advisor since 2015 with many years experience also as a CDM Co-Ordinator.

HSS Health and Safety Services have co-ordinated numerous large projects for the NHS, Lloyds TSB, MACE, InterServe and National Insurance Companies, to name a few.

Our qualified professionals have acquired many years of experience in construction, civil engineering and industrial  workplaces.

Our professionals have attained qualifications to meet the health and safety industry standard set by the governing body, the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).

All You Need To Know About CDM 2015CDM Advisor

Every project is now classified under CDM.

CDM 2015 has made significant changes to the way projects are managed.

CDM now applies to all common building, civil engineering, construction work and now where domestic clients were not included, they now can be!

Clients have duties on domestic projects which can be transferred to a Principal Designer or Contractor.

Is The Project Notifiable To The HSE?

You are required to notify the HSE of the project if it intends to last longer than 30 Working Days or involve 500 Person Days of construction work (eg. 50 people working on site for more than 10 days).

Non-Notifiable Projects = Less than 30 Days and more than 20 Persons or involve more than 500 Person Days.

Notifiable Projects = More than 30 Days and more than 20 Persons or involve 500 Person Days.

Client – What Do I Need To Do Now CDM 2015 Applies To Me & The Project Is Notifiable?

  1. Check competence of all appointees, designers, principal designer, principal contractor, contractors
  2. Design out all the health & safety risks when possible
  3. Ensure there are suitable management arrangments for the project including welfare facilities
  4. Specify sufficient time to each stage of the project
  5. Provide Pre-Construction information to designers & contractors
  6. The Client should engage a Principal Designer
  7. Appoint a Principal Contractor
  8. The CDM Co-Ordinator must notify the HSE closest to the project by completing a F10 Form.
  9. Principal Contractor to devise a Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan
  10. Principal Designer to scrutinise the Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan – Either Pass or Request Further Information
  11. Construction Phase Commencement
  12. Principal Contractor To Monitor Compliance with the Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan
  13. On completion of the project the Principal Designer collates relevant information for each premises where works have been carried out
  14. Health & Safety File(s) handed to the client

There must be a Designer, Principal Designer and/or a Principal Contractor appointed until the end of a construction phase.

What Is A Principal Designer & Why Do I Need One?

A Principal Designer should be appointed to advise the client on projects that last more than 30 days and 20 persons or involve 500 person days of construction work (eg. 50 people working on site for more than 10 days).

The Principal Designer will advise the client on their health & safety responsibilities and any issues that need addressing during the design, planning & construction phases of a project.

It will their responsibility to take into account all health & safety issues and design them out prior to commencement of work.

The Principal Designer and/or client will need to complete the F10 Notification and send to the HSE.

The Principal Designer will then be required to co-ordinate health & safety aspects of the design work and co-operate with others involved on the project, Liaise with the principal contractor regarding design, Produce a Pre-Construction Plan and a Health & Safety File.

How Much Will A HSS Health & Safety Services CDM Advisor Cost Me?

We offer very competitive rates for CDM Advisor’s. Unfortunately, there is no fixed fee as each project varies in size, time and requirements.

Contact a member of the team on 01780 753773 to discuss your requirements further.

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