Yellow Jacket

Yellowjacket is one of the latest online tools for helping to manage health, safety, and environmental factors on all places of work. The unique system entitles users to customise their requirements and schedule management systems, inspections, reports, observations, and actions across the board of the user account.

As all electronic systems begin to be the way forward for several organisations it is increasingly more common to be involved on a project or be involved in managing a workplace where online systems are being utilized to help manage more efficiently. Yellowjacket is just one of the many ways but is increasing in popularity. Due to this, Yellowjacket is becoming another form of acronym for businesses throughout the UK.

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As all software and online management systems, they require a degree of maintenance and continued attention. Due to the technicality of the software / online management systems it is not always possible to universally be used by non-pc technicians. Some of the packages available are difficult to use and require a large amount of time and resources assigned. It is here where we can offer a unique package to all who require a technical knowledgeable person who can conduct Health & Safety Inspections, Reporting, Uploading Observations, Responding to Action Taken and aiding where necessary.

Due to the complexity and unique requirements of the new Online Management Systems / Software Packages at HSS Health & Safety Services we have invested a large amount of time and resources to a technical team being able to operate and manage these systems to elevate a large amount of resources onsite. We have successfully used this system on a £260M+ Construction Project which we have received outstanding feedback from the Directors of our Client.

HSS Health & Safety Services are currently the only consultants in the UK who offer Yellowjacket assistance with technical abilities together with the competence of Health & Safety Professionals.

This service (Yellowjacket or similar) is offered at a bespoke price per the specific requirements of each site, location, and company. We endeavour to remain cost efficient and maintain low prices always. The Yellowjacket service is offered throughout the whole of the UK.

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